Tidy Planets unique Maxi food waste macerator has the ability to process bulk loads of food wastes in timely 3 minute, 90 litre batches. The all stainless steel Maxi incorporates a large loading hopper with an automatic screw feed auger system, which drives the food into an inbuilt macerating system. This revolutionary new design allows the operator to simply load, switch on and “walk away” whilst the system gets on with the task. Utilising this new design allows our clients to save many hours of staff labour in comparison to traditional “drip feed” macerating & dewatering systems.

Couple the Maxi to our latest version of the automatic Dehydra Hydro Extractor and the complete package then has the ability to reduce food waste volumes by up to 80%, and the weight by up to 50%, making it an unbeatable combination for those seeking waste minimisation.

The Maxi is in a league of its own when linked to a High-Level Dehydra Stand Alone centrifugal dewatering system, equipped with the most efficient food waste recovery screen available, the Stand Alone has an unparalleled design feature, a head height high level discharge system, which allows the use of full sized 120/240L wheeled bins to the underside, meaning less bin changes and less labour



Food waste is fed into the Maxi main hopper in 90 litre (c:45/70kg batches) by the operator. The hopper closed and the system set to run. In the lower of the V shaped hopper is a heavy duty auger which pushes and channels the food wastes into the adjacent aperture of the inbuilt 2.2kw food waste disposer. With a steady flow of fresh water, the disposer grinds the food waste into tiny particles. The ground food waste is then pumped from the disposer into the high level Dehydra hydro-extractor. Combining an auger and a screen with a very fine mesh (1 mm diameter holes) the hydro-extractor separates the liquid from the ground food waste. The excess liquid is then disposed to a foul drain. Once the food waste has been disposed of the system automatically self cleans to minimise operator time.


The Maxi system (as pictured RHS) combined with a stand alone Dehydra system as pictured (LHS) is an ideal system for high volume catering establishments as a centralised solution. Designed so food wastes can be deposited directly into the hopper until filled, ensures that the unit only functions when necessary, minimising the time staff spend processing wastes in kitchen and wasteage of utilities for processing small amounts. Coupling the Maxi with the Hi Level discharge Stand Alone Dehydra allows the site to utilise 120/240 litre wheeled bins as the collection receptacle for the dewatered food wastes,  minimising manual handling requirements for moving smaller caddies to external bin stores.


Disposer 2.2kw
Pump & Geared Motor 0.75kw
Hydro Exctractor Dehydra 1.1kw
ACC Feed (3ph 4wire) 400v   -32A 50HZ
Water Connection Hot   & Cold
Waste Water Connection Required
Weight 300kgs
Overall Dimensions 2920 L x 700 D x 1390 H
Capacity Up   to 700kgs per hour
3500   meals per hour


Water   Connection Inlet: Cold   water supply to disposer shall be 3/4 service line (pressure resistant hose   pipe required) with a standard of 2.5 bar flow pressure, Piped as close to   the unit as possible at a comfortable height from the ground. A gate valve is   required for maintenance. Inlet: Hot water supply shall be 3/4 service line,   pipe as close to the unit as possible at a comfortable height from the ground   with a pressure resistant hose pipe. A gate valve is required to connect an   electrical valve 24VAC. The connection to the Hydro Extractor requires 3/4   piping size
Water Consumption App   15 litres per minute
Sewer Outlet 50MM   DIAM Waste line with siphon to avoid odours
Electrical Connection Power   Input of the unit; 3.9kw
The   Unit Requires a 400V 3ph 50hz Power supply
The   unit requires to be connected to a grounded, permanent wiring system, through   an electrical wall interlocked socket with 4 wires (3ph & earth). 16Amp   fuse required
Recommendation:   We suggest protecting the power lines upstream of the electrical socket with   suitable fuses and magnothermic switches

 specification can change without prior notice