Tidy Planet work with our partners to deliver industrial scale & turnkey projects for organic wastes in the largest applications utilising proven in vessel composting technology.

From  land acquisition, feedstock sourcing, design, build and the running of the plants we can deliver a truly bespoke process for a range of wastes, from household source segregated food wastes, sewage screenings, municipal green wastes and animal (farm) wastes.

In Vessel Composting:

Two proven technologies are offered, up to 5000 tpa a modular single pass continual flow system, the Rocket B2500 in modular form will process between 5-10 tonnes per day of mixed organic materials, compliant with the animal by product regulations (ABPR) this unit can be supplied with pre shredder/mixer, bio-filtration and leachate treatment plant. This is an ideal unit for those sites with space constraints, having a minimal footprint and low labour input.  For above 5000tpa a twin tunnel aerated floor in vessel system, where the tunnels are monitored and controlled to achieve compliance with ABPR. The system combines odour control, leachate processing and bio filtration.

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