CHiP Used Vegetable Cooking Oils To Energy

The CHiP combined heat and power system turns your waste cooking oil into electricity and hot water on your site. The fully automated equipment is located on your site meaning you never need to worry about an overflowing oil barrel, a missed collection, or the mess associated with oil storage ever again. The best part is that you get the direct benefit of lower energy bills and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs), as well as eliminating your waste oil disposal bills! Just put your waste oil into the system and the CHiP does the rest!

how it works

The waste cooking oil is simply transferred to the integral storage tank where the CHiP system (Combined Heat and intelligent Power) takes over. Utilising patented technology the CHiP automatically conditions the waste oil and efficiently processes it into electricity and thermal energy to be fed directly back into your facility.




capacity & options

purchase options

Systems in the UK supplied on 5 year fully inclusive service and maintenance lease basis