Three more dragons take flight

Article posted on 18.11.2016


The last few months have been very busy at Tidy Planet HQ as we have been preparing for three more Dragons to leave us. Like the previous units the three dragons will be travelling to The South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP), the pipeline has been built to export gas from Azerbaijan to Georgia and Turkey. Starting near Baku the line follows the original route of the Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan crude oil pipeline, before it links to the Turkish gas distribution system. This 691km pipeline is now being expanded (SCPX), which involves laying a new line across Azerbaijan and that’s where the next three Dragons will be stationed.


The Dragons will turn the weekly three tonnes of waste food into a valuable resource, fuel. The plant then uses the new fuel to power a specially designed biomass energy unit, which in turn provides the heating and hot water for the sites shower block and kitchens whilst saving the customers money!

The pipeline runs through some fairly inhospitable and remote areas with temperatures plummeting to -15°C in winter so finding an environmentally sound solution for the disposal of food wastes that could cope with these extremes was a high priority.

Tidy Planet were commissioned in 2012 to supply the first camp outside Tbilisi, with the new “Dragon” food waste to energy system and our expertise has been sought ever since with a further two units already in production.

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