Clyde Shopping Centre


Clyde Shopping Centre, Clydebank, already winners with their partner FM Company Andron Facilities Management, of the Bronze Standard for recycling in the “Green Apple Awards” sought new and improved methods of increasing their already high environmental aspirations.

The site having already reduced its carbon footprint by  29% recently by   active management programmes, is to start the implementation of rainwater harvesting and water management systems at the centre. Recycling rates are high with a dedicated Recycling Bank on site ,for the wastes produced by the chain stores and outlets to be separated properly and recycled.

Blessed with spacious grounds a biodiversity plan has been put in place to manage the surrounding green areas responsibly, how could they improve further?



With eleven different eateries on site at the Clyde Shopping Centre,  including famous names, McDonalds, Costa, Subway and Dominos Pizza and with footfall to the centre so high with its city centre proximity, there’s no doubt there’s a good mix of wastes but a lot of it too.



To deal with these wastes Andon Facilities Management opted for one of Tidy Planets on site in vessel composting systems. Combined with a purchase of a wood chipper for dealing with wooden pallets, the shopping centre can now not only recycle its food left overs, but some of the wooden pallets as well.

The resultant material, compost, is stored for maturation on site then used as part of the biodiversity plan in helping to green and  improve the surrounding areas.

Since the installation of the Rocket Composter the shopping centre has now managed to increase overall recycling rates to 96% and has won a Golden Award in the Green Apple Environmental Awards for its continued environmental performance increases.


Andrew Forrester, from Clyde Shopping Centre commented, “The rocket was the next step in our recycling strategy to enable us to have a sustainable, self-sufficient recycling system.  As well as complying with new legislations coming into force and the financial benefits, the rocket allows us full control of the waste collection ensuring a well-organized operation.

In addition it also fits in with our CSR Policy, the end result being the compost produced which is then used on the landscaped in and around the Centre,  our recycling systems has become more attractive with the local schools to come along and see the processes when doing projects on the environmental/recycling issues.”