Exclusive Hotels South Lodge


South Lodge, built in 1883 and set amongst 93 acres of park and woodland, already one of the finest luxury hotels in the country, decided to expand their “Exclusively Green Programme” last year, with investment in a Tidy Planet Food Waste Solution. Danny Peccorelli owner and managing director of the Exclusive Group of hotels, has a mission to have the chain achieve not only zero to landfill, but to maximise their recycling and with this latest step of food waste recycling, has now achieved 92% landfill diversion at the Michelin starred venue.

Each of the hotels have a green team providing input and testing, of an array of carbon emission reducing technologies, solar panels, biomass boilers, LED lighting, electric service vehicles. South Lodge’s were keen to investigate new technologies to deal with the most troublesome waste their compactor kept hidden. Food Wastes.


The Problem

With over 2 tonnes of food waste per week being generated, the costs and the environmental impact troubled the chain. A solution was sought and Tidy Planet were approached to provide a proposal for a permanent on site recycling system. Competing against differing technologies and traditional collection for off-site composting or AD, the permanent solution won the day, financially and ethically for the Group.


The Solution

Exclusive Hotels invested in the latest A900 Rocket, in vessel composting system, with in kitchen pre-treatment of the food wastes by the latest compact “De-Hydra” macerator and dewaterer. The system from Tidy Planet now treats all the hotels food wastes, with their gardens team utilising the nutrient rich fertiliser in their recently created Kitchen Garden.


Group Purchasing manager Trevor Barnard quotes:

“Exclusively Green means that not only do we deliver an exceptional guest experience, but deliver it with a clear environmental conscience” regarding the project in particular at South Lodge “The solution Tidy Planet provided will have paid for itself in  another 6 months, but there’s been lots of little added benefits we’ve noticed since it was installed 12 months ago, less large vehicles on site, less noises from collections, less requirements for pest control, less odours – it all adds up