Hilton Hotel Athens


The prestigious Hilton Hotel located in the chic Kolonaki district of Athens, is a 508 bedroom site with conferencing, spa and roof top bars. Boasting magnificent views of the Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus the site also offers unique catering to match, with fresh Agean fish served at the Milos restaurant, roof top BBQ’s from the Galaxy Bar for scenic sunset eating, to traditional Greek menu restaurants and sushi bars. With such a busy site, well controlled waste management that could be documented and reported has long been a priority for the Hotel, but the manager of the Hotels Stewarding team had identified another area for improvement.



The Hilton Hotel Athens has long been considered a pioneer not only amongst the Hilton Group but amongst Athenian hospitality businesses for being at the forefront of cost reducing, waste reduction practices. Headed by the hotels manager of the stewarding team Kreon Tsousoulis, a more sustainable method of dealing with the hotels 1400kgs of food waste was sought. The current method of compactor and landfill, notorious for causing issues such as pest attraction and smells, was a costly burden on the site. Tidy Planets distributor in Melissa, Athens Vekkos Recycling Solutions (ECOVRS) were approached to provide a new and permanent solution to the food wastes. Cornelius Vekkos of ECOVRS commented “it was a privilege to be asked to work with the hotel, Kreon clearly had researched the options available on the market, but wanted something that would not only reduce the sites waste disposal costs, but bring other added benefits to the site as a whole”




Cornelius worked with the Hilton on a food waste study and selected to implement a two part food waste recycling process to treat the wastes, with a Dehydra food waste dewatering system being installed in the main kitchen the food wastes would be collected, dewatered and reduced before being transported to the A700 Rocket Composter in the sites main waste handling area. The 1.4 tonnes of food waste per week are now processed on site and instead of heading for landfill disposal are benefitting the Hotels grounds with the very best quality Athenian nutrient rich food waste compost. Cornelius, with an extensive background in composting comments “the site could not get over how simple, clean and straightforward the process was, the management of the Hilton were very impressed with how quickly some simple changes to segregation and installation of equipment could have such a result”  Kreon Tsousoulis comments on the new process and equipment “Not only have we managed to reduce our daily waste, we also show our support of Green Tourism, strengthening our social sustainability within our local community, furthermore this environmentally friendly system has even attracted camera teams and like minded companies”